Former Knicks Star Nate Robinson Owns Showdown In Chinatown

We are 6 days away from launching “Empire of Soccer.”

As March 1st approaches and the site design comes along, I will be digging up articles and offerings I’ve authored over the past few years to give you a taste of what Empire of Soccer will be all about.

Today, I am featuring a video of Nate Robinson ballin’ out of control at the 2010 Showdown in Chinatown. “Showdown” is a yearly charity event sponsored by Claudio Reyna and the Steve Nash Foundation, featuring some of the biggest names in soccer, basketball, media and film battling it out in the heart of Chinatowns Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Past participants have included names like Thierry Henry, Baron Davis, Chris Bosh, Jozy Altidore, Giuseppe Rossi, Adrian Mutu, Javier Zanetti, and Grant Hill amongst a host of other celebrities.

Each year, “Showdown” produces water cooler fodder for the soccer nuts in the tri-state area. Last year, it was all about Nate Robinson. Enjoy a small sampling of Nate’s finest moments . . .

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